Team Leadership

Youth Leaders

Michael Riehl
Team Captain

The Team Captain maintains order in the team, keeping an effective system of communication between the technical and business sides of the team. The Captain makes sure that everyone is doing their respective jobs in an orderly and efficient manner. 

Danielle Bayne
Business Manager

The Business Manager oversees the Marketing, Chairman's, and Strategy groups and raises awareness for the team at large. Each specialty has a specific task be it involving the robot itself, or the whole team.

Stephanie Frolio
Technical Manager

The Technical Manager is in charge of the Electrical, Fabrication, CAD, and Programming groups and the overall production of the physical robot.

Adult Leaders

Team Advisors
Cynthia Hutchinson
Matthew Sisk
Jill Adomat

These Adult Leaders are at the top of the team's business decisions and are the connection between the team and FIRST. Embodying the voice of the team.


Jim Bracken

Darren Christensen
Lee Clark
Matthew Lawson
John Montagna, Sr.
Dave Morris
Josh Morris
Michelle Nijander
David Pechter

These Adult Leaders put an extraordinary number of hours and dedication into the team and are recognized as such. They attend numerous events and meetings throughout the year. These adults share a unique bond with the students and work consistently with them.