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Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, We attended community events to show off our robot and our team and to spread the influence of FIRST.  Some of these events include:

  • Ewing Township's Community Fest

  • National Night Out

  • Ewing's 4th of July Parade

  • Every Ewing High School home football games

Through our outreach, we have not only made our presence known in our local community but within the FIRST community as well. Here are a few examples of our connections:


  • New team sponsorship: We helped to foster the creation of FIRST Team 4061, The Sciborgs. One of their founding mentors spent an entire week during this build season, giving insights into the mechanical, electrical, and programming workings of a veteran team. We also offered our team handbook, insights on team building and sponsorship as well as many hours of phone calls and emails. We shipped them approximately 200 pounds of competition robot parts and supplies that they needed. Team 4061 has been very successful as they have qualified to compete at the FIRST World Championship.


  • Transporting Other Teams' Equipment: We transported robots tools, and equipment for Teams 25, 303, and 341 all the way to Indianapolis (close to 1500 miles round trip) in our team’s trailer. We shared a charter bus with 303 and 341 to the competition and had a very memorable trip.


  • Team Resource Sharing: We help many other teams both locally and internationally. In some cases, we physically help by giving tools or other materials. At other times we welcome other teams by recommending hotel information, helping with their Chairman's effort and Skyping with teams as far away as Brazil. We have worked with FIRST Teams 25, 75, 293, 303, 341, 708, 1403, 1923, 2601, 2753, 3314, 4061, and 5666 in order to build and strengthen our friendships within FIRST.


Add to the above and add explanations:

  • FLL Team Mentoring/Sponsorship

  • Football and Basketball Game

  • Community Fest 

  • Ewing’s National Night Out

  • 4th of July Parade

  • International Team Partnerships

  • Senate and Legislative Citations of Recognition

  • FLL Competition Hosting

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