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Who We Are

FIRST Team 2016, The Mighty Monkey Wrenches, is a FIRST Robotics Competition team that contains students from the Ewing High School (EHS) and the New Jersey School for the Deaf (NJSD). Each year, we have eight weeks to build a robot to complete a set of tasks that changes year to year, while also spreading the influence of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in our community. We are helping to develop the next generation of engineers, scientists and technical business administrators.

Mission Statement

Team 2016 encourages young adults to become engaged in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics by:

  • Challenging students to design, construct and program a competitive robot to participate in FIRST events;

  • Empowering students to think critically, analyze problems and to develop solutions to complex problems;

  • Applying classroom knowledge to real-world problems; and

  • Practicing teamwork and gracious professionalism as essential foundational skills to become global citizens.

Team Goals​

  • To teach our six Core Values to all members:

    • Diversity: Recognizing and celebrating the similarities and differences between individuals.

    • Respect: Holding others and ourselves in high regard.

    • Change: Making our world a better place.

    • Acceptance: Welcoming everyone unconditionally.

    • Responsibility: Taking ownership of our actions and the welfare of others.

    • Passion: Showing enthusiasm for our mission and the mission of FIRST.

  • To give students the tools for life for generations to come:

    • Teaching skills as well as values that can be retained and taught again.

    • Giving students experience with responsibilities and with tools.

    • Fostering one-on-one mentorships to give students insight into the real world.

    • Providing leadership opportunities and training for students to excel.

  • To reach out to our communities:

    • Community events and celebration presentations throughout the year.

    • Hosting annual FIRST Lego League competition.

    • Educational outreach to both community schools.

Focus Areas

Our community involvement can be separated into three main categories; click on each to learn more about our contributions:

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