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We contribute to our community by educating its youth through STEM initiatives such as:

  • Antheil Elementary School "Hands-on Science Night": Annually, we have attended the school's night dedicated to science, showcasing our robot and giving key information about FIRST to elementary students and parents alike.


  • Ewing Board of Education: We attend board meetings in order to keep a direct line of communication between our team and this important group. By providing them key insight into our robotics program, we have been able to keep STEM education as a priority within the school board.

  • Ewing High School Robotics Class: Independent of the team the high school offers a robotics course that is taught by of one our teacher advisors. Students construct a variety of robots, program, and display them as part of the curriculum.

  • NJSD Summer Science Camp: Student members of the team have worked closely with middle school age deaf students for 2 weeks using models to teach them about physics and have fun.

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